5 Yoga Poses and Foods That Improve Mood

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foods that improve mood

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The way we live our daily life can be very stressful. The work we do takes the juice out of us leaving a cranky or gloomy mood to deal with. Before you know, you may have done despicable things to the people around yourself.

We don’t want any of that happen. One way to stay out of it is to reduce work pressure but that’s not possible. So, we should seek some alternate treatment to boost our mood after every day’s work.

Foods play a vital role in improving our mood but yoga can also be your dearest friend. As much as we love to take food, we don’t like yoga that much. But trust me; yoga sets the mood even better than the food you’re consuming.

So, here we’ll talk about amazing yoga poses and foods that improve mood undoubtedly. Without any delay, let’s start our list.


5 Foods That Improve Mood


1. A cup of brown Coffee

From a review by A. Nehlig, we now know that taking 75 mg of caffeine which is equivalent to a cup of coffee every 4 hours can dramatically improve your mood. But overdose can cause bad side effects.

2. Chocolate

Dark chocolate or raw cocoa powders are rich in antioxidant. This helps us keep calmness and contentedness.

3. Fish and fish oil

One way to reduce depression is to keep fish and fish oil in your everyday meal. Omega-3 fatty acids do the trick to your body.


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4. Berries and nuts

All types of barriers including blueberries and all sorts of nuts including walnuts, almonds, and hazelnuts help us keeping a sound body and mind. The nuts keep us from being nuts with the help of vitamin E. The barriers on the other hand fights against Alzheimer’s disease.

5. Turmeric

An ingredient called curcumin is present in good numbers in turmeric. Using turmeric in cooking our everyday meal helps a lot to fight depression.


5 Yoga Poses That Improve Mood

Explaining each yoga pose would require another full-sized article. Here, we’ll only show you the path and the rest research is up to you. There are plenty of YouTube videos which will guide you through every pose.

1. Sun Salutation

Surya Namaskara or the Sun Salutation is quite the queen of yoga poses consisting of 12 different yoga postures. The positions are very easy to follow and the complete set stretches your full body ensuring full body and mind relaxation.

2. Child’s Pose

Balasana or the Child’s Pose is very common and it’s relaxing for the brain. The pose makes a dome-like shape which is very helpful for your back, hips, and thighs.

3. Boat Pose

To increase core strength and confidence, the Boat Pose is the one for you. This is also helpful to increase the overall balance of your body.

4. Fish Pose

Matsyasana or the Fish Pose ensures oxygen-rich breathing and oxygen-rich blood flow throughout your body. For a good night sleep, this pose will help you a lot along with reducing anxiety, aches, and pains which causes bad mood.

5. Headstand

This upside down pose really helps to keep low blood pressure. This pose works as therapeutic for controlling sudden mood swings and more.


Final Words

To tell you the truth, all of these are not here to improve your mood. These are just here to help you. The trick actually lies within you. Your willpower and the eagerness to stay mentally fit will make the ultimate difference.

Reading this article proves that you have the willpower. Now, all you need is to take help from those yoga poses and foods that improve mood. Wish you a happy life.

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