Mistakes You Are Doing In The Mom And Toddler Yoga Classes

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Mom And Toddler Yoga Classes

Yoga is immensely popular these days for many people because of its severe health and fitness benefits. Aside from keeping you fit and fabulous, yoga also tends to improve your mental health by fighting depression and boosting several brain activities. And one new yoga trend that is taking the world by storm is the mom and toddler yoga. There are more than few Mom and toddler yoga classes around you that will not only help to keep you fit but at the same time encourage socializing with other toddlers and infants’ moms and share your experiences.


Before proceeding any further, let’s discuss what actually is a Mom and toddler yoga class?

In simple words, these classes specially designed for moms who have babies aged 8 months to 3 years. Attending these classes would have a great positive effect on the babies as they could enjoy playtime with other toddlers and also can practice some yoga moves with their moms.

But practicing yoga regularly with a kid is not a bed of roses; you are entitled to make mistakes. Some of the common mistakes that you are making in a Mom and Toddler Yoga Class are as follows:

Giving up too easily and quickly

When you become a regular at yoga classes, you will find some more advanced and quite difficult poses and postures. Many moms tend to quit as soon as they are introduced to such moves. If you end up giving up so easily then how would you reach your fitness goal?


Keeping your and/or your baby’s shoes on

Shoes are not allowed inside any yoga class. There is a strict ‘no shoes’ rule imposed on all the mom and toddler yoga classes for utmost hygiene reasons. You as well as your child and others will have hands, feet and entire body on the floor. So, it’s better that you leave both of your shoes outside the class’s door.


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Comparing yourself to everyone else

You might not be a pro at the beginning of your yoga classes and that’s fine. But do not make the mistake of comparing yourself to those who have joined earlier or are better than you. This comparison and jealous mindset might only get you into trouble; this may jeopardize your initial purpose of joining a Mom and toddler yoga class.


Not paying attention to your toddler

Often little kids, especially toddlers are not easy to handle and if they are left unsupervised there is a possibility that the kids will create havoc or they may uncover themselves to potential danger. Keep this bitter fact in mind while you attend a mom and toddler yoga session. Always keep an eye on your baby even when you are doing yoga.

It’s not that you have to leave your mom and baby yoga class for the above-mentioned mistakes. There is always room for correcting mistakes and make a fresh start from the beginning.

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