Easy Ways To Become A Perfect Yoga Mom

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Are you a mom? Don’t have time to hit the gym yet want to stay fit and fabulous? Doing yoga is the simplest and only answer to this dilemma. Yoga doesn’t only make your body fit but at the same time helps to stay super healthy. Additionally, practicing yoga relaxes and clears your mind so that you can concentrate on your motherly duties with joy and happiness instead of worrying and complaining about every little thing.


During childbirth, your body has gone through severe transformations and faced different wingers, and it’s only natural if you want to get in shape after such a beautiful yet difficult phase of your life. Moreover, being a yoga mom will encourage to look at things positively rather than being irritated all the time.

Amazing Benefits of Yoga

Let’s discuss some of the amazing benefits that you will enjoy being a yoga mommy:


Reduces Stress and Body Trauma

As we said earlier, during pregnancy and childbirth, a woman’s body goes through a lot of stress, trauma, and several different difficulties, and with regular yoga practice, you will be able to heal and recover from these traumas and can prepare your body for a healthy future.


Lowers High Blood Pressure to Normal

Along with relieving stress and trauma, yoga also helps to reduce high blood pressure, which many new moms experience after childbirth, back to normal level. This not only boosts energy but also reduces the chance of any future health complications.


Increases Brain Activity

After practicing yoga for a couple of days, a yoga mom will definitely feel a positive change in her brains activity; that’s because aside from relieving stress from the body, yoga also removes stress from the mind which boosts the brains functions. When this happens, mothers tend to remember more, be more active and confident on a daily basis.


Helps to Lose Weight

Aside from its health and brain benefits, practicing yoga regularly after birth helps to reduce excess weight and helps many yoga moms to get back into shape quickly. But don’t expect this to happen overnight. You can only achieve this by regular, concentrated yoga practice.

To enjoy all the above benefits of yoga, you might want to start your own yoga sessions immediately but you might not have time or excess to any yoga centers. If that is the case, then below are some easy, gentle yet effective yoga poses that are beneficial for both new moms and pregnant moms to practice at the convenience of home:


Yoga Poses for Moms


Warrior I with Shoulder Bind

This particular gentle pose will help a new mom and even expecting mom to open up the hips, chest, and lungs and hence promote better breathing. Moreover, this posture also encourages a better blood circulation and respiration system.


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Camel Pose

For a better heart opening, try the camel pose. But be sure that your abdominals and spine are ready for this pose. The camel pose improves digestion and elimination as well as reduces excessive thigh fats.


Bridge Pose

Along with reducing fatigue, anxiety, and insomnia, the bridge pose also ensures to fight stress and mild depression.

These are the benefits you can have if you start practicing yoga as a yoga mom. Hope you can find it helpful. Let us know your opinion thus we can post more helpful posts like that.

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