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Thank you for giving your interest on write for us. Be Yoga Mom is looking for freelance writers who can write for us and be one of our be yoga mom family members. We also encourage webmasters to write for us to have a mutual relationship.


So, why do you write on Be Yoga Mom?


First of all, you can have a community if you share your experience. You can be a part of our Be Yoga Mom team and recognized on our website.

Moreover, you can make your writing career by writing for us and can use this as a future reference for your work. Website owners can also submit their article to us and in every approved article we put a link to your website pages.


However, we accept sponsored article also.


Why do we want to work with you?


We have a belief that everyone has different ideas and techniques that not everybody knows. So, we try to give them a platform to share their ideas and knowledge and can make their familiarity with our community.

Besides, if we take articles from various writers we can have variations of writing tones and information. These are the ways we can be benefited by you.


What types of content do we want from you?

As a yoga mom and baby website, we like to receive articles related to yoga primarily. Besides, we take articles on:


  • New and effective yoga poses
800-1000 words
  • Health and diet
600-700 words
  • Diet and food habit
600-700 words
  • Yoga product review and features
600-700 words
  • Baby care
500-600 words
  • Mom and baby beauty
500-600 words
  • Spirit and mind
500-600 words
  • Nutrition and Baby health
500-600 words
  • Topics you think related to our website
<1000 words


Our Editorial Guidelines – Do’s and Don’t’s       


Each article we get has to be gone under our editorial process and review. We apologize that we cannot respond to all the articles we get. We only contact the writer whose article will be gone through our editorial process and approved.


Before sending to us your content follows and keep in mind in these terms and factors:


  • Try to keep your content under 1000 words. It will be better if you follow our instruction on article length above.
  • Your post must be unique and original. Keep it in your mind that we take articles with only 0% plagiarism.
  • Before sending your article to us, double check the plagiarism, syntax, grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors.
  • Check your writing language and style. We only take articles with English (US) language and your writing style should be readers friendly and easy to read.
  • Make sure your site if you use any quotes in your article.
  • We will be happy if your article contains related photos or unique photos captured by you.
  • If you include any statistic from your study or research, mention the link.
  • Send us your author bio along with your article. We add the author and his/her website name each of the articles we post. So, write a few sentences about yourself, about your writings and your website/blog link in that author bio.


N.B: We encourage you to read our articles to get the idea about our content style and readability. It will help you to make your article approved.


We are done here. Now, you work begins. After complete your writing, go here to our submission page and wait for a while. Happy writing…!