Here in Be Yoga Mom, you will find the yoga glossary list to enhance your yoga knowledge. We include the simplified meaning of both academic and modern yoga glossaries from Sanskrit and other yoga sources. These Sanskrit words are important terms in the Yoga tradition.

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Abhyasa Practice or exercise.
Acarya Teacher or instructor.
Aksha Inner space or consciousness.
Ananda The state of your joy or inner happiness.
Avidya The main cause of sorrow or suffering.



Bandha Actual meaning is bond or bondage. It is used to express the condition of human being that people are bound by ignorance. And that leads them having a life with karmic habit rather than the inner peace they want.
Bhakti The love or respect towards the trainer or guru.
Bindu The creative power of anything where all energies are mixed or focused together. Alternatively, a dot.
Brahman The reality.
Buddhi The intellects or higher wisdom.



Chakra A wheel or circle of life.
Cin-Mudra A common hand gesture which is formed by bringing the tips of the index finger and the thumb together, while the remaining fingers are kept straight.
Cit The consciousness of reality.



Danda Stick.
Darshana The vision of reality.
Dharana Holding the concentration.
Drishti Sigh or view.
Duhkha Suffering or sorrow of life.



Guna Virtue, qualities or constituents.
Guru-Bhakti Respect towards a teacher.
Guru-Yoga A traditional forms of Yoga which contains a strong element of the fulcrum of a follower’s exercise.
Ghrita Neti A nasal cleansing yoga practice which is performed with ghee.
Gomukhasana A cow face yoga posture.



Hamsa A breathing technique as the breath moves within your body
Hatha Yoga Yoga science which cleanses your whole body.
Hridaya Akasha The center space where heart relies.



Ida-Nadi The main power channels of your body which runs on the left side of the spine.
Ishvara The lord or king.



Jala Water.
Jala Basti A yoga technique using water.
Jala Neti A yoga technique which cleansing the nasal channel with water.
Japa Continuous chanting of mantra.
Jnana Knowledge, wisdom.



Kapal Skull.
Karma Work or Action.
Karma Yoga Action of yoga.
Klesha Tensions. In yoga, there are 5 tensions relies on inhuman being from their birth.
Kosha Body.
Action, Activity.



Laya Yoga Union with the highest consciousness or devotion.
Linga Mark; a symbol of god Shiva.



Maha Great.
Maha Bandha Crocodile.
Makara Action of Yoga.
Makarasana Crocodile Pose.
Mantra A subtle sound or phrase.



Nadi Energy distribution path in the body.
Naui A hand gesture during pranayama which alternates the flow of breath through the nostrils.
Nidra Sleep.
Niyama Rules.



Om The universal mantra.
Ojas A subtle energy which is produced through practice.



Pada Foot.
Padmasana Lotus pose. A seated yoga posture.
Param Highest.
Paramatma The supreme atma.
Pancha Tattwa The supreme five elements –earth, water, fire, air, and ether.



Raja Yoga A yoga which combined through the concentration of mind.
Rechaka Exhalation.
Rudra Lord Shiva.



Sakshi Witness.
Sankalpa Divine Resolve.
Samadhi The final stage of a human.
Santosha Satisfaction.
Sat Truth.



Tadasana A standing palm tree posture of yoga.
Tamas Laziness.
Triyaka Tadasana Swaying palm tree yoga pose.
Triyaka Bhujangasana A cobra pose of yoga.



Utkatasana Squatting Pose.
Uttankoormasana A tortoise yoga pose.



Vama Swara Flow of breath in the left nostril.
Vaman Dhauti A yoga technique to clear up the stomach.
Varisara Dhauti A yoga technique of cleansing the body by drinking a large amount of water.



Yamuna River Originating from Yamunotri in the Himalayas and joining Ganga near Allahabad.
Yoga A state of combination between two reverses – body and mind.
Yoga Abhyasa Yoga Practice.
Yoga Nidra A deep relaxation after practicing yoga.