Why Dieting? These 3 Yoga Poses Can Give Your Body A Perfect Shape

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With yoga, you can make your body perfectly shaped. Some steps are so easy to start. You will see those easy steps in this article which can really make your body looks perfect.

Who doesn’t want him/herself having a nicely shaped body? Yeah, everybody like you wants that every time they stand in front of the mirror. Especially, for a new mom, it is important to find a diet alternative to stay fit. But what makes it really a perfect shaped body after leading an undisciplined life? Dieting may be an answer but it doesn’t work all the time or for all.

So, what can be the diet alternate?

The answer is yoga. Yoga can give your body a perfect shape as well as make you disciplined. From physical health to mental health, there are many things that yoga helps us directly. Today in this article, you are going to know why you should stop dieting and how yoga can give you a perfect shape.


Why Should You Stop Dieting?

Maintaining your food habit is good. But if you maintain too much then it causes serious health issues. There will be lack of nutrition in your body for over dieting. Moreover, for new moms, it is forbidden to diet as they need to have the proper amount of vitamins and minerals.


How Can Yoga Give You A perfect Shaped Body?

By exercising yoga regularly, your body gets used to muscle stretching, flexible movement, and fat burning. Besides, there are poses that can give shape any of your specific body parts.

So, now let’s know some yoga poses that tone your whole body.


1. Bent Knee Trunk Flexion

 Let’s start with an easy pose. This yoga pose can slim your belly and thigh. To begin,

  • First, you need to sit on a yoga floor mat and stretch your leg into forward.
  • Straighten your spine while inhaling.
  • Try to touch the toe of your legs with your two hands. In that time your face should be facing towards your knee.
  • Repeat this at least 5 times with the same process.


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2. Cobbler Pose

This yoga pose is to shape up your buttocks and thighs. In this pose,

  • First, you need to sit relax with a straight spine.
  • Bend your legs at knees point and both of your feet should be on touch. Hold firmly both of your leg’s ankles.
  • Put pressure on the soles of your legs with your hand while exhaling.
  • Try to bend forward as more as you can.

3. Plank Pose

Plank yoga pose is best for full body shaping. This is one of the easiest yoga poses that really gives you a good looking body shape.

  • Go on downward dog position. Make your body forward make your body into a parallel position to the floor.
  • Relax your shoulder and try to keep your back in straight form.
  • Be like this for about 30-60 seconds.
  • Repeat this as more as you can.

We have shown you a very short list of easy yoga poses that can really give your body a perfect shape. Start with these 3 simple yoga poses and try to practice more advanced yoga poses after 1-2 months.

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