7 Easy Yoga Poses For Mom And Baby At Home

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Yoga Steps For Mom And Baby

Today there will be no introduction or words about yoga rather you can just look forward below and start your yoga today with these 7 easy steps:


7 Easy Yoga Poses For Mom And Baby


1. Cat and Cow Pose

Lay your baby on your yoga mat and bend your hands and knees over your baby so that the baby is at your face-to-face. The wright of your hips should be over you’re your knees and shoulder over your wrists. Start inhaling and take as cat posture, round your back, put your tailbone down and just look at your baby. After a while exhale with cow posture and lift your tailbone, head and chest rise and up. Smile at your baby while moving your head down.



2. Flying Baby Pose

In this yoga pose you just need to carry your baby and stand with your led being wide, then hold your baby facing outwards. This time you also need to stand wider than your hip distance apart. Keep your legs straight while inhale and bend knees while exhale. Then just move your weight (baby) right to left. In that time, you need to tiptoe on your right foot. This transfer the weight on your left side or left foot.  Do the same for the right foot as well.



3. Leg Lifts

This is an easy, relaxing yoga step and your baby will love it a lot. For this yoga steps, you just need to lay with your back and put your legs up the wall and your legs should be parallel to the floor you are laying on. Put your baby sit down on your stomach and hold your baby politely. Then bring your leg close to your chest which will bring your baby onto your face as well. This is a playful yoga step you can try on.



4. Bridge Pose

In this step, lay down on your yoga mat and bend your keens firmly on the ground. Hold your baby with your hands and keep him/her onto your face while resting his/her on your thighs. Keep your feet distance from your hip. Lift your hip towards upward while exhaling. Stay in this pose for about 30 sec.



5. Goddess (Squats)

Squats are very effective pose for yoga moms. It’s like magic exercise your toned hips and legs. In this yoga exercise, you need to first put your legs about 3 feet apart and keep your toes pointing outwards. Hold your baby in front of you and its back should be facing your chest. Bend and lower your legs and hips while exhaling. Return to your pose while inhaling.



6. Boat Pose

Another easy yoga steps. Just lie on your yoga floor mat. Keep your feet close. Keep your baby on your stomach then lift your chest upwards from the floor. Parallelly lift your feet from the floor as well. Stretch your hand as forward as you can and in that time lift your baby if you can. Your baby will surely enjoy this exercise a lot.



7. Savasana (relaxation)

This yoga step is for relaxation or rest. You can do it as your final yoga pose. Just lay down on your back or lay side. Exhale and inhale repeatedly, close your eyes, relax your body and mind, let go of your breath and let go of your thoughts. And just relax.



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